NEW • B525 Liberty Light

Designed for women, youngsters and hunters that are not fully satisfied with regular buttstocks, such is the main characteristic of the new 12 Magnum shotgun.

It has an aluminium action frame decorated with new engravings and possesses a Monte Carlo style stock with an adapted pitch, a pistol grip and two recoil pads supplied in the box.

Well balanced and light, its level of technical perfection will give you a feeling of real liberty.

Hunter Game One Light 12M

This new model retains all the features of the B525 Game One 12 Magnum and combines its inherent qualities with a light-alloy receiver for lower weight. This is the perfect gun for shooters who like swing with solid calibres.

NEW • Hunter Game One Light 20M

The 20 Magnum calibre B525 Game One Light retains all the special features that have made it so successful: grade 2.5 wood with oiled finish, a pistol grip combined with a tulip fore-end, four Invector chokes and a fine 6mm ventilated rib.

What is more is actually less: this light version, equipped with an aluminium action frame, now weighs only 2.7 kilogrammes. With this light weight, you can walk up game without getting over-tired.

Hunter Game One 12M

The B525 Game One is your ideal hunting partner. Very reasonably priced, it is the basic model in Browning® over-and-under hunting guns.
Its action frame made from a single block of forged steel, its lightweight Back-bored barrels and Invector-Plus chokes make it the ideal gun for all your hunts.It is available with the Auto Safety system.

Hunter Game One 20M

We have followed up on the success of the B525 Game One with a small-gauge version. This is the entry-level 20-gauge over-and-under shotgun and it comes at a highly affordable price.

Heritage Hunter 12M

Here is the top of the range in Browning over and under shotguns.

The Heritage model is the heir to the B25 side-plated model and possesses all its elegance. The hunting scene engraving combining partridge and pheasant is remarkably delicate.

The stock is made from top quality, carefully oil-rubbed walnut. With its half-pistol stock and its tulip fore-end, the gun pays real tribute to the B25 and is the worthiest of heirs.

Heritage Hunter 20M

Available in 20M calibre, the Heritage Hunter 20M is a model of perfect balance, delicacy and ease of handling.
It possesses a half-pistol stock in superb oil-rubbed walnut. Partridge and woodcock are magnificently represented and enhanced on its low, thoroughbred action frame.