B525 Sporter Laminated Adjustable

This B525 SL adds another distinguishing feature to its hallmark sporty and aggressive style, with uniformly compact laminated wood that provides superior rigidity for a perfectly stable shot.

B525 Sporter One 12M INV+ TRAP FORE-END

The B525 is the only shotgun to be hand-fitted. Fitting important parts is done employing traditional methods (using red ochre) so as to make the Browning B525 the reference in shotguns. The attention to detail is unique, just like the ‘Browning feeling’ when the gun locks on closing. This model is also available in short stock and Tulip fore-end versions.

B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable

In 2018, the Ultra XS range is being extended with this latest model that is certain to delight sporting shooters. It is supplied with eight Invector Titanium extended chokes, two spacers, three Inflex recoil pads and three trigger shoes, and can thus be balanced on demand thanks to a clever weight and counterweight system (gunstock and barrel).

The B525 Ultra XS Pro Adjustable is equipped with an adjustable cheek-piece and a trap fore-end. Its technical innovation in no way impairs its elegance, as can be seen in the new engraving decorating its action frame and the T4 wood with oiled finish of which it is made.

Sporter One 12M

Keeping all the specific features of the B525 Sporter 1, commercialised in 2014, this new model has perfected its design even more – at the same price ! Besides its Back-Bored Vector Pro barrels, its 10mm battue rib and the oil-rubbed finish of its grade 2 walnut elements, it now possesses 4 Invector + chokes and the Auto Safety system. Just as efficient for sporting clays as for hunting, the B525 Sporter 1 does not lose in aesthetics everything it has gained in reliability : the magnificent autumn scene engraving that adorns its metal surfaces just goes to prove it.

Sporter One 20M

This model retains all the original features that made the B525 Game One a success and tailors them to the specific requirements of sports shooting. The Auto Safety system and an Inflex II recoil pad are available, while the 10-mm-high ventilated top rib of fers faster, more instinctive target acquisition.

This attractively priced 20 Magnum is made from grade 2 American walnut and is engraved with the same designs as its hunting counterpart.

Trap One

The guiding principle of the B525 Trap One is to make effi ciency available to all enthusiasts. And the price is intended to let everyone enjoy Browning’s sports shooting expertise. The stock and the fore-end have been shaped to meet the specifi c requirements of clay shooting in full. A new feature to this model, which has the name «Trap One» proudly engraved on the sides of the receiver and the 4 Invector + chokes.