Heritage Hunter 12M

Here is the top of the range in Browning over and under shotguns. The Heritage model is the heir to the B25 side-plated model, and possesses all its elegance. The hunting scene engraving combining partridge and pheasant is remarkably delicate. The stock is made from top quality, carefully oil-rubbed walnut. With its half-pistol stock and its tulip fore-end, the gun pays real tribute to the B25, and is the worthiest of heirs.

Heritage Hunter 20M

Available in 20M calibre, the Heritage Hunter 20M is a model of perfect balance, delicacy and ease of handling.It possesses a half-pistol stock in superb oil-rubbed walnut. Partridge and woodcock are magnificently represented and enhanced on its low, thoroughbred action frame.

Heritage Sporter 12M

The Heritage Sporter combines the performance of a modern shotgun with the elegance of a true deluxe gun. It embodies the line of the hunting model with its magnificent side plates, but with the specifications of the Sporter versions. The pistol buttstock and tulip forearm are made from beautiful, oil-finished walnut. Each gun is beautifully engraved.